Sugar has many names lets see how many we can name
Sugar is Sugar no matter what name you try and disguise it with.
•Agave Nectar
•barley malt
•beet sugar
•brown sugar
•buttered syrup
•cane-juice crystals (evaporated cane juice)
•cane sugar
•carob syrup
•Castor sugar
•Confectioner’s sugar
•Corn sweetener
•corn syrup
•corn syrup solids
•date sugar
•Demerara sugar
•diastatic malt
•ethyl maltol
•fruit juice
•fruit juice concentrate
•glucose solids
•golden sugar
•golden syrup
•grape sweetner
•grape sugar
•high-fructose corn syrup
•Icing sugar
•invert sugar
•Locust Bean Gum (made from galactos & mannose)
•malt syrup
•maple syrup
•Muscovado sugar
•raw sugar
•refiner’s syrup
•Rice syrup
•sorghum syrup
•secrulose (splenda)
•turbinado sugar
•Xanthan Gum (fermentated corn sugar)
•yellow sugar
So Sugar Now that I know all your names, I am better educated and I will steer myself away from you.
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Seaweed Fertilizer

Have you ever seen the Nori seaweed wraps. Well it is a black sheet of dried seaweed that can be bout at an Asian food market. You take one sheet and tear it into tiny bits. Add it to a gallon of filtered water. Let it stand for 24 hrs. After 24 hours dump about 2 table spoons of the liquid into a watering can add some more water to the watering can and give all your plants a good drink. The seaweed has micro nutrients and minerals that promotes healthy growth and prevents diseases in the plants. Only use this concoction once every two weeks between the regular watering interval. That is why all my plants are so healthy looking.

Several other plants are due to start sprouting
I have spinach and other kale plants I planted yesterday that are already making their way to the top of the dirt in several other containers. Not sure if the strawberry plants are going to start sprouting yet, I may have to give them a few more days. Will keep you updated as new growth seems to happen every day. Transplanting for many of the plants into larger pots will start next week and then once winter is over I will be showing off my garden outdoors.

Grapefruit tree

Grapefruit tree from seed


Pear tree

Pear tree from seed


Lettuce and a lemon tree

Planted some lettuce next to my green Lemmon tree.


Can't have tomato soup without some Basil

Planted a little bit of basil.


Tomato plants from seed

Planted some tomato seeds a few weeks ago.

Planted some kale

I have recently planted a variety of kale indoors to get them started. I will be transplanting each plant into a larger container.

OK Now that I have your attention
You don't have to settle for food that is glued together, you can eat meat. I am not judging you on what you put in your bodies.
I found a local place where you can buy top quality meats. Please check this out


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